each one of them is
the trace, the image of
thousands of generations
fallen throughout history

This project was born of a reality I witnessed already a few months ago: the disproportionate and illegal felling of the woods of the Sierra de Tapalpa. Watching this sad reality I asked myself how I could con- tribute to create a conscience in favor of the environment, foreseeing a near future in which we would live in a great concrete block without the presence of that element, so important for life in the wide sense of the word.
These fallen Giants do not recover physical but conceptual life.

Each one of them is the trace, the image of thousands of generations fallen throughout history. They provide us with a glance of the past, of the future, with hardness in their faces and great strength in their arms.
(…) Wherever this exhibition is presented, it will be accompanied by an ephemeral installation, since there will be an indefinite group of small tree plants, each one accompanied by a small ceramic frag- ment representing the Giants.
In all cases the visitors may take home a plant and thus plant it again; next to it the signed sculpture as a memory, a living part of those Giants granting life to the new green era.
Clay, first-born material in the history of humankind and art… Material with which the first generations of humankind modeled the Venus of Milo… Motherly material par excellence, organic, natural, with which man was created.
Once transformed by the oven fire, it will leave for us an eternal trace, as evidenced until today in dissimilar pieces throughout history that time has not succeeded in distorting.